Without much research, I think it is safe to say that the majority of people that are apart of a motor club are members of AAA. Why? Because AAA is the most well known and popular motor club out there. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best or most bang for your buck motor club out there.

How many of you have heard of Motor Club of America? Not many I’m guessing. Which is surprising considering the company has been around since 1926. I figured since not many people have heard of MCA, I would help explain the important differences between MCA & AAA.

So, here we go…

                                                                                                AAA Premier                                                                               MCA Total Security

Free Towing Distance                                     Up to 100 miles (3 calls per year)                                                         Up to 100 miles (No Cap)

Battery Service                                                               Battery boost                                                                                           Battery boost

Tire Change                                                Flat tire removal & replacement of spare                                          Flat tire removal & replacement of spare

Out of Fuel Service                                                   Free delivery of fuel                                                                                Free delivery of fuel

Lock Out Service                                       Entry to vehicle & home locksmith                                                     All locksmith services covered 100%

 service up to $100

Rental Car                                                                One rental car day                                                                              Up to $500 towards rental

Accident Away From Home                         Up to $2,500 reimbursement                                                                    Up to $500 reimbursement

Vehicle Theft Reward                                             $2,000 reward                                                                                              $5,000 reward

Stolen Lifestock & Farm                                         Not Covered                                                                                                  $500 reward


Legal Defense Reimbursement             Up to $2,000 – Attorney Fees                                                                     Up to $2,200 – Attorney Fees

Emergency Travel & Medical             24/7 when more than 100 miles away                                                  24/7 when more than 100 miles away


Credit Card Protection                                                NO                                                                                                 Up to $1,000 reimbursement for

financial loss

24/7 Member Phone #                                               YES                                                                                                                         YES

Travel Services & Discounts                                     YES                                                                                                                        YES

Arrest Bond Certificate                                        Not Covered                                                                                                         Up to $500

Bail Bonds                                                             Not Covered                                                                                                      Up to $25,000

Vision Discount                                         30% off eye exams (Lenscrafters)                                                                         10-50% Discount

Dental Discount                                                   Not Covered                                                                                    20-50% Discount on most General

Dentist’s & Specialist’s fees

Prescription Discount                                   24% average savings                                                                                         Up to 65% savings

Emergency Room Benefits                              Not Covered                                                                                             Up to $500 reimbursement

Daily Hospital Benefit                                        Not Covered                                                                               $150/day up to 365 days totaling $54,750

Accidental Death Benefits                                 Not Covered                                                                                                     $10,000 benefit

Accidental Death Coverage                               Not Covered                                                                                    An Additional $50,000 coverage

Cash paid to members for                                       $0                                                                                                                $80 per referral


Total times you may use a                                         4                                                                                                                     Unlimited

service call in 1 year

Monthly Membership Fee                                     $11.00                                                                                                                   $19.95


So, for an additional $8.95 per month, MCA members receive unlimited towing, jump starts, tire changes, locksmiths, emergency fuel supply, $500 towards a rental car (not just one day), out of town accident protection,  theft rewards on your auto and any livestock or farm equipment, Legal reimbursement totaling $200 more than that of AAA, Emergency travel and medical, credit card protection, 24/7 member service number, and travel discounts…

PLUS what AAA does not offer:

*Bail Bonds

*Dental Discounts

*Emergency Room Benefits

* Hospital Benefits

* Death Benefits

* Accidental Death Coverage

* The ability to earn $80 each time you refer someone to MCA!

 If you are ready to drop AAA and join Motor Club of America to start using your benefits today,  Click Here!

Author: Jason Casler

A 21 year old entrepreneur who loves being his own boss and the feeling of Financial Freedom thanks to Motor Club of America!

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